Wonderwood is the place…

Where grown-up adventures begin for children
Where you can fall in love with nature
Where to spend an unforgettable day with the family

Those who work with us must be aware of their superpowers. We are looking for passionate, adventurous, welcoming people. People who have people in their hearts.

Values first


attention and a smile are the basis of our work, we create and maintain an inclusive environment. Our success depends on the collective energy, intelligence and contributions of all team members.


no big brands: we choose small, high-quality producers, the prices we charge are an expression of quality and respect for the supply chain, we are always looking for ways to innovate and innovate


in love with diversity, world cultures, enthusiastic people, those who respect others and those who have faith in the future. We observe the world with the eyes of a child and make decisions with the heart


we said NO to disposable plastic and waste, we decided not to sell water and drinks in PET bottles, but to choose aluminium flasks. We have excluded all unnecessary packaging


we have designed a zero-impact amusement park: electricity only from renewable sources, low land consumption and zero water consumption. We have a charging station for e-bikes and electric cars


we love our work we try to give the best of ourselves in every situation. Together we make the heart of a small company beat faster


Meet the team

Max e Seby, Fondatori di Wonderwood

Max and Seby

Founders Wonderwood

Michela del Team Marketing di Wonderwood


Marketing e Public Relations


Marketing e Public Relations

Edoardo, istruttore parco avventura Wonderwood


Adventure Park Instructor

Andrea, istruttore del parco avventura Wonderwood


Adventure Park Instructor

Edoardo, lo chef del Grotto Carza


Chef - Grotto Carza

Alkalos, aiuto chef del Grotto Carza


Commis de Cuisine - Grotto Carza

Ludovico, sala e barman del Grotto Carza


Hall and Barman

Siri, Cameriera di sala e barlady del Grotto Carza


Hall and Barlady